The most lucrative opportunity for anyone involved in the chain of freight transport is to get the best payment on freight loads transportation. It is difficult for trucking companies to maximize their income and profits due to an uneven payment of freight load transportation. The following tips will help you land o better deals for your freight loads. 

Avoid Load Boards and Brokers.

To maintain a consistent flow of income, many truck owners depend on load boards and brokers. These two opportunities can be lucrative when you are starting the freight transport business, they offer lower rates for loads, and this denies you the opportunity to make better money. Get freight quotes here! 

Be Specific on the Client You Need

In all business, having a target audience is key to nurturing your business. Many truck owners do not have a defined client target to work with, and they end up working their payments down with the wrong kind of clients. Having the right client will help you in knowing the kind of income that you may gain. It also helps you to plan on how you can find the clients. 

A good client should be an established shipper with a large shipping potential. They should be able to pay well and on time. The client should also have a good reputation with other transport companies. Clients should be in a position to supply you regularly, with goods. They should provide you with shipments that fit on the lanes you will be using. 

Offer Professional Services

A great transport company is most likely to have a great client base. The reason why you should offer professional services is that most clients will want for repeat business with you. Repeat business is likely to be as a result of the good treatment they encountered with your transport company. A client who is treated courteously and professionally is more likely to pay more for the service. For more facts about trucking, visit this website at 

Have the Best Score on Safety Statistics

Clients will want to hire a company that is careful in its handling of deliverables. Ensure that your company maintains a clean sheet on the evaluation Area Scores for accidents, the driver, the vehicle, and safety management. 

Good Insurance Cover

A good insurance cover will also help the client to build their confidence in you. Your insurance should cover scenarios including but not limited to fire on the load while on transport, collision, accidental dumping of the load on transit and organized crime. 


To wrap it all up, present a professional image to your clients. Be on the lookout for freight load board transport opportunities. Reason out your fee with the client, even when the bid is higher than other bids. The client may get your reasoning and offer you the deal.